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Unix Tools Framework Released!

Unix Tools Framework is a Windows program designed to manage UNIX servers in simple and familiar way for Windows administrators.

  • Unix Tools Framework can manage any supported server only having SSH2 connection
  • Absolutely nothing is installed on your server
  • Connection is performed over secure encrypted channel
  • Unified interface for all operating systems
  • Affordable prices
  • Supported server systems: Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD

Light Version (can work with Linux based servers only) $29
Pro Version Support all servers $59

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ssh scp  

SCP and SSH ActiveX components!

We would like to offer you easy to use and affordable components for developing applications. 

You have most likely read these questions million times in newsgroups:

  • How to copy files from Windows to Unix or back ?
  • How do I start program from Windows on Linux remotely and get output ?
  • How to use SSH without entering the password ?

Our software provides easy  and simple solutions for Windows developers. Whether you use .NET, C++ or Visual Basic , those components are for you !

We provide flexible pricing and licensing terms.

2 Components Pack: MySCP+ MySSH (Single Developer License) $145 $118
2 Components Pack: MySCP+ MySSH (Site License) $698